"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Hef died yesterday  at 91   When the late Barbra Frum somewhat

prissily remonstrated: what you’re really selling is a high class

dirty book  Hugh threw back his head  +laughed    We have the

most cutting edge writers  philosophers  artists  he said   Sartre!

Nabokov!  Vonnegut!


But when you’re 7 or 8  it’s the Vargas Girl cartoon  +all of the large

breasted  honey haired Goddesses  who beckon   A warm lap  read you

a story  Maybe marry your father or brother should they divorce   Some

of their nipples were the size of saucers   They’d lie back and enjoy it   +

look into your girl child eyes   They promised you a certain kind of power

Especially the centrefold    Your first GIANTESS


So why do the feminists hate him?  Susan Brownmiller suggested he wear

bunny ears + a tail   In the end he bought the plot next to where Marilyn is

buried   His first Playboy cover bunny   It all seemed so innocent   The thrill

of finding that hidden bunny on each month’s cover!  Those were simpler times

+Marilyn had yet to suicide


She who had numberless uterine surgeries for constant pain   +miscarriages   An

orphan girl  numbing herself with countless barbiturates   A mad mother  + sexual

abuse in childhood too   There she was on the cover  Playboy Goddess  Cartoon

voice   Soul eviscerated pursuing fame  +the ultimate safe daddy-haven


It was Hugh after all  who sold us  a back-lit-lay-on-this-magic-carpet  kind of dream

Of soft thighs  +pneumatic breasts   And despite my years of higher education  I just

couldn’t hate him   I’d still longed to be one of the giant woman-babies  lying back  +

smiling  well into perpetuity





Fall  2017   RIP Hugh Hefner  1926-2017

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