"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Joseph’s star of David glinting on grey H+M sweater

Cruising West Queen West  high noon  Sashaying under

faint February sun   Jewessflowerchild   Ash Wednesday

Substitute 6 points for ashy cross   Did you notice the one

on forehead of shrieking mother at Florida massacre?


Google Earth zooms in on Jewgirl  still prancing   When a

shot rings out  +the boys who just jostled me begin to run

In my fantasy I bleed out on the world’s 2nd coolest street

In reality I  yellow bellied +afraid  hide my Zaida’s star under

my scarf


Not the bold resistance fighter in the woods outside of Warsaw

Big talker   But let us revisit this stroll in 2019   Bravery seeping

in through hardening arteries   Preparing for the death of the last



When you will be called upon to place a yellow star on your foreheads

+walk through neo-Nazi streets   Daring the world to repeat its brazen

atrocities   Heads held high   No more an invisible minority



1969 Bathurst Manor Toronto  Jewish Ghetto

My bro + friend (whose parents were resistance fighters

Warsaw Ghetto) walk home from school  A car pulls up

+one of the 2 teenaged young men calls out:

Hey  you Jews?  

Why  don’t you like Jews?

Ya I like them  

I like them better dead






Winter 2018

Star of Joseph Marlieb   1891-1973   RIP

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