"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



outside it is November  +a participation mystique of leaves

splattered +yellow   rainy dia de muertos  mexican day of dead

my brother  a crucifixion   walks now upright  muscled  reborn

no mere mortal  he’s risen above the whips+scorns


above the tropic of cancer  now forever a football star  as the

many down here wallow in guiltygumbobrew  squeamish  +

cowering with cancerward blues   this no witch of the Carré can

undo     so why can’t death have re-dos???   +cancer docs  with

cancermills more backbone??   to the moon dr. abe schwartzburg

to the moon



*these days my 94 yr. old mother + I  are left not knowing  

where her grief begins  +mine ends


**participation mystique – coined by anthropologist Levy-Bruhl

a particular kind of psychological connection where the subject

cannot clearly distinguish himself from the object  but is bound to

it so as to have only a partial identity   This phenom known as well

to those inhabited by dybbuks 




Dia De Muertos  2018  RIP Mexico bro..with love…everything that dies..someday comes back..

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