"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


staying alive

i was emphatic in my plea to gene  my uber driver

that faith+meaning are one +the same  i.e., finding

meaning   making meaning  of everything   gene nodded

solemnly as he drove me away from death bedding  and

palm trees


cormac mccarthy said: the dead would take the living

with them if they could   and we would certainly hold

them fast    a tug of war for fisher kings  finding meaning

not for sissies  think jack nicholson bellowing YOU CAN’T

HANDLE THE TRUTH    or picture me


but with hook firmly planted in cheek   a cheeky final

pronouncement: i’m outta here bitches   no more family

gatherings  where heathen circle the promised land  those

shining bottles of casked whiskies  staying alive anesthesiology



..we spoke easily and I was humbly honored to walk with him

deep in that world where he was a man..


..i saw how all things false fall from the dead..

(Cormac McCarthy  Suttree  1979)




FALL 2018

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