"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


here comes the son

watching football with the boyz  a silly girl

banished from the inner sanctum  grab my

barbie case  beautiful +round with barbie’s

pic and lipsticks on cover  i own 263 shades

as of today  a lifetime of silly girl attracting the

big boys  ran away many a sunday  from house

on ravine where father +boys screamed for their

team  a man in a fedora and trenchcoat who looked

an awful lot like daddy  the coach  tom landry   how

do i even know this name  5 decades later and i would

vote for him  for prez   the boys of purdon in my blood

like holy wine  thankfully joni and leonard (allavashulim)

were there to wrest me from those wolves  and return me

to the land of girlcool  in my room  disco-set blaring to drown

out their malebonding  but i’d still rather be one of em  +though

my girlsoul flies with the departed ones on cold canadian nights

the boys remain skeptical + testosterone




Winter  2018  ..for the boys+men of purdon.. RIP  lee  marty   leonard


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One thought on “SON

  1. Illinois Atkins on said:

    Having more balls than most men – you’re an Honorary Son of Purdon

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