"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


heart of a dog

it feels like a bomb went off inside of my heart   lately

i cannot get a fulsome breath  laborious +relentless is

my stress  at about 8 i won the speech writing contest

with a treatise called: i am joe’s heart  written by my father

whose heart was already retiring  on its way to the operating

theatre where they would cut him  from stem to stern   and

cut they did   he clung to botched+bypassed ventricles  as brain

mangle set in  soon in a place where even reefer couldn’t help him


but I’ve got news for you  hearts are the 8th wonder of the world

close behind  the benzos  which my pre adolescent doctor informed

me  cause falls in older adults  who u calling an older adult  little miss

barbiedoctor?  though maybe i won’t require benzos come 2019  when

my girlheart will transmute into the heart of a dog  and dogs have 9 lives

or is it cats?  doesn’t matter ’cause i will light out for the territory ahead

where angels and cancer fear to tread  and my brother is running for prez




Winter 2018 lap of this wretched year..older adult my skinnywhite asssssss…

and we need your please vote: Marty for Prez..



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