"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

hana’s suitcase+marty’s baggie

i’ve been thinking about the holocaust lately   a little more

than usual    wondering how people survived   and went

on with their lives after so much  brutality  depravity  genocide

it was not easy


in paper today  obit for george brady  90   hana’s brother  hana of

hana’s suitcase fame  murdered upon her arrival  alone at auschwitz

in the gas chamber  at 11   jiri (george)  her bro said: my sister had

gone to her death alone   i felt responsible   i was free but she was



hana had a suitcase filled with her 11 yr old treasures   it’s famous

my bro had a plastic baggie (cell phone  wallet  watch  football ring)

which i am immortalizing here   he died of cancer  not genocide  but

isn’t cancer a kind of nazi?


ok remaining bros  you can stop rolling your eyes  i know you want me

to rise up   and turn a page


maybe one day   but right now i am stuck with feeling proud that i

shouted at a callous hospice nurse   she was shrieking at me to leave

the room  as my bro was dying of brainmangle   i was in florida  so i

stood my ground   if my brother is going to die now  he won’t die alone

so i watched


and now i’m thinking of jiri and hana  reunited  +running toward each other



hana’s suitcase   auschwitz museum




Winter 2019   ..marty’s baggie did not survive the war..

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One thought on “hana’s suitcase+marty’s baggie

  1. CAMERON on said:

    Hey Dear I think this is your best or one of your best. Beautiful and powerful.

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