"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


mouthdroop  eyemangle

a brother’s early morning visit  to emerg

where a palsy was discovered   and a file

notation made re: freakishly large  muscles

and brisketbreath  (in this case induced by

stress over prodigal son’s death)


sister with hearts-a-klupnisht  yiddish for: heart

that races  in face of  uncontrollable grief  here

broken-heart syndrome   *see harvard medical

review:  chest pain   palpitations   shortness of



when i was 14  my burly big bro  carried me to the

car   +transported me to local hospital  for  atypical

strep   now at 62  atypical arrhythmia  over his death


i have 2 brothers left   and i am right to ponder the

words of my friend with a suicided brother  he said:

just pray you +your brothers die on the same day  


i now know why  and i am ready to make numerous deals

with numerous devils  so we can all get outta here  more

or less   alive






Winter 2019

..any one of my brothers could negotiate the U.S. gov’t shutdown with eyes closed..


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