"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

everything is irie


from a dream

in a hotel  recently

thought i was in another



next door to the room

where my bro lay dying

but still  ALIVE

which is what came  to mind


if i am in that other room  then

he hasn’t died!  my heart felt young

unsuffered   litepink  and free!


which i have waited too long to be


the 106 yr. old lady named Kitty  at

my mother’s retirement rez  is dead

family took her to Jamaica  where she

ditched this veil o’ tears


(well how long did you want her to live  mother snarled)


now Kitty is IRIE   +we are still

eating cheesecake

every tuesday

my old mother and i








Winter 2019 more that too much to ask?..

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