"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

on ccccccourage

do i have less of it now?  used up  eaten

beaten down?  or is it not required from

this  squalid  point  on?


maybe fear is better for enlightenment

courage for endarkenment  plus a hearing aid

and a bullshit meter that works   finally immune

to snakeoiled charismatics   and guys who have

a chicken to pet


recently told my old mother her 1st born was

dead   tell me the last lionhearted thing u did


a sky full of stars can be tiresome  constellation

fatigue   mystery overload   as can talk about

courage be   which is not required at 3   unless

the dad has designs on u


at 63 courage is near meaningless

so will it be blind faith?  or no faith?

or blindpigs?









Winter 2019

you must go on

i can’t go on

i’ll go on

(Samuel Beckett ..who in order to write this

knew a thing or 2 about blindpigs..)

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