"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

i’ve been waiting so long to be where i’m going

one of my remaining bros has a nickname

for me: sunshine   he’s kidding


in 2029  a 370 meter wide asteroid  will near

miss earth   it will be visible to the naked eye

just such an event led adam+eve to hide their

nakedness  and crouch in fear of skygods for



large strikes of 500,000 hiroshima sized bombs

occur   every 100,000 years  if u saw lars von trier’s

melancholia  u know that  the depressed  +children

await a luminous rock with faces upturned  unafraid


stick with me   the children are too innocent to know

what the depressed adults do   being jaded is really

just another form of innocence  emptiness  readiness

beginner’s mind







Spring Equinox  2019  ..when i have promised sunshine+daffs..☀️☀️




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