"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

feral dogs frommexico


we talked for 2 hrs 56 minutes  his earnestness boring

another hole in my chest  revelation at its best  catapulted

back to a time   but i have  squandered mine   on husbands

mortgages  +costumejewels  withfools+fuckery too


and with fireflying out of eyes i cautioned him about over

thinking  +flogging deadhorses   only flog what is living

sonnyboy  kill your own darlings  before the night weasels do


weasels of doubt

the anti-everything people

crotchety oldmen +their shriven wives


run for the hills with yer feral dog from mexico  who will no doubt

come back to bite old auntiepoet  for suggesting that:











Spring 2019



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