"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

who in this merry merry month of may?

i climbed the eiffel tower with ms. semolina pilchard

and trained for the big fight with rocky raccoon balboa

i can sound like a legend  at times   especially re:  my

recent work  isolating an isotope  in a petri dish


it will eradicate optimism

+prehensile giblets in the upper

arms of most women


i wish i could promise you more


optimism is actually not my forté  eh

and in any case it has been proven not

to be the quality  most likely to win wars


there is a certain grit involved in seeing things

for what they are   in knowing that the half full

glass will be spilled  and the unicorn dehorned


revealing a grizzled old white goat  with nubby

eyebrows like my 3rd husband’s   i implore u

don’t get too attached to the rainbow  or the view


do linger before the spring cherry trees  pinkpetals

mixing with mud of april showers






Spring 2019  ..1st mother’s day..







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