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the bitch is back

a roofer named Venna  just wrote me a letter:

ms. atkins-cameron  i do not apologize for 

hacking a hunk off your roof  or undressing

you with my  peasized  eyes


life is like this sometimes   pervs+opportunists

some your closest friends  lay in wait  to lay bare

your vulnerabilities


but what they are likely unaware of is:  in one’s 60’s

tenacity increases 10 fold   +your bullshit meter  now

a world heritage site  lights up with regularity


i will wrestle you to the ground Venna!   my flaming

red hair  licking   your outsized head   my bum knee

speeding through  the space/time continuum  to

connect with balls  soon to be mythology





Summer  2019  ..ouch..



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