"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

sisyphus was no sissy


slipped through the hole in a barbed wire fence

trying to escape    herstory    but she keeps on

finding me   i need a witness protection program

and a vacay


bearing witness is a slippery business  slide straight

into the swamp  or dangle from a rope lowered into

the belly of the beast    watch out sissy! 


the beast:

gingerish hair

known to talk to ghosts

heart a shriven totem

of brotherly love


just carry a garlic clove  embrace him!

+he will be transformed into a smallish toad

ooops   now quickly gobbled by our bulldog

soon to be dungbeetle dysentery



..these hard thoughts  this envy  this bitterness  

make no lodgement   in me ..  i dash and sprinkle

myself with the bright waters of childhood .. but the

chained beast stamps and stamps on the shore..

(Virginia Woolf  The Waves  1931)



Summer 2019 gone..





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