"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

turtle purgatory

feb 23rd 1972  was the first date anniversary

of meeting teenaged husband   in those days

we had: real men  + real news    45 yrs. later it

becomes the anniversary of bros cancersurgery


friday sept. 13th another anniversary   first in a

series of flights into seamy florida nights   where

u stand outside the filthyhospice waiting for a cab


please take me back to the oasis   where turtles

spawn under bar stools  +redneck children bite

your other brother  and the waiter from jersey looks

like a cross between   sinatra + beelzebub


no you are not dreaming





Fall 2019  ..end of this wretched year..

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One thought on “turtle purgatory

  1. Turtle purgatory a good one. It is time to wrap up this year – almost there. 2020, who knows. I hated that “resort”. Dang good tune – don’t let me die in fla

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