"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

great magical city of the gandharves

a giant named ray

read whitman

at the edge

big sur   circa   1987


dragged home to freezing city

+bathurst st. moribundis   road to

hell  paved with bagels+flaccidjews


bros sent a chopper to SF   worried

about  strange agitators of the heart

+ the shrink feeding california dreamers

medical LSD


today a pitstop for fish+chips  with old

mother  then to airport   I’ll be in taos

by morn











FALL 2019  ..letting go of the rope tied to the giant rock..


i’m lost among the strange agitators of the heart

we centre it all by swigging from the bottle  sobbing

through the fucking bed cribs  (San Francisco  Jay Farrar)



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