"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

scar tissue


my mother bears the jaggedscar with grace?

she always said: i was too stupid to be bothered  shattered

so i was   in her place   with a scar that has informed my life


also taught: it hurts to be pretty


prosthesis prometheus bound  it’s the giant beautybird pecking

at girllivers   and the livers regenerate daily   like our doubts   but

one day soon i will lift my mother’s scar off of my chest


+jump a train from a bridge    (yes i can)  

+set a bonfire of $3000 worth  of MAC  love me 💄  red

the chemicals could kill the dolphins  i aim to befriend 💋


disfigured transformed reborn





Fall 2019  ..for kelly bourne atkins .. run with it sister!..



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