"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

the last last supper

i know my the death throes  +you would be

surprised  unless your person explodes  right

before your eyes  happened only once  +not



at st. joes   to a young cousin  nurses couldn’t

find the plug for oxygen mask  i crawled under

the bed  +heard the sound of breathing again   briefly


but generally  in addition to flailing arms  a party

is planned   somewhere around the 2 wks to go

mark  even introverts plan parties  take daddy  who

badly needed reefer to socialize (apple did not fall far)


he planned a party in such detail  that sonny langer

our caterer  hired him for special events   now lillian

lays dying  in a cold province  +she is planning a party

with wild rice +gravy   arms gesticulating


101 in 5 wks  about to jump a train for the prairie farm

where she was born   february 1919  dirt floor   -46

and that’s  without  the wind chill




first days 2020

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