"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


Carl Jung said  the dead  are gathered at the

top of the world  waiting for us  +when we arrive

we impart what dribs of wise we have accumulated

so try not to talk incessantly  about people God

doesn’t know


ie., 27 minute diatribes about so + so’s


his moated villa

his dead whore


no!  talk instead about those things you know

to be true   +if you do not know truths   then listen

ie., shutthefuckup


my father  not a swiss psychiatrist  but a renowned

horsewhisperer   a man who did not make a beggar

of himself  as a venal cousin has suggested   his favourite

word was  silence    his favourite sounds were:


one hand clapping

trees falling in the forest










Winter 2020


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