"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

dear football

what have u given us lately?



heroics of the walrus coach

+a young muppet named mahomes


oh  +a halftime show  showcasing

female subjugation tropes  shakira+

lo jo  shaking their poleworthy parts


how about showing us femaleglory

sans the holes-in-souls who dance for

their supper


but then again  if u watch with the  bigboys

instant entreé  to the innersanctum  no

matter how pink yer shoes


+later after all the chestpounding  ever so

stealthily  your footballfather +qb bro  visit

briefly   to debrief sb 54


Lee laughs with his head thrown back  (a rarity)

+MA with impish grin in place  regales with tales

starring the girls of heaven  apparently playboy

+sports illustrated are lining up to sign ’em



Winter 2020  ..RIP MA + LA..

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