"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

life is not a read thru


there’s no drive thru either  buddy

u only get to do it  once  as u

without maps   only a compass

that points u deeper    inside


he who looks outside is a wanderer   exilelover

he who looks inside is homealone      alone of the alone

cause when yer big break comes +

yer heart’s not in it  outside will scream




inside will scream




it’s okay to be scared  said the turtle

to the hare  slow+steady eh  because

whatever u do do  your later selves may

shit on u too


the medium  struggle is the message answer

+then u gotta get up  and do it again  and again   and again  motherfucker

until he shouts   FADE TO BLACK      JACK





Winter 2020  ..for sonny lee atkins.. braveheartedwarrior of the inside..

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