"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



so i just bought  so sad today  by melissa broder

poet and essayist   i wanna be an essayist too

so i bought bigger pieces of paper  for a start

melissa’s essays are really poems in disguise


and my poems are   you guessed!   essays in disguise

though mr. de montaigne  father of the essay  is doing

back flips  hey michel !   i live in a time when the human

attention span has been attenuated by twitter  mister


the titles and subjects i shall plumb  are not deep  some

are positively creepy  but i can goddamn guarantee u that

i will not rip off cormac mccarthy  as i am want to do   (paraphrasing  yes)


stay tuned for these upcoming  titles  themes  wetdreams  wanks:

my family is an outward bound destination

husband interruptus

brother interruptus

so happy

so strong

so flinty

so so

dear death i’m sorry we unfriended u

and so on


oh and:  only fear what can hurt u  (dante alighieri +sonny lee atkins at 8)


but the truth is that i hate big pieces of paper  cue cards

suit the brand of confessionallyconvulsive missives i treasure

so pull up your socks

and stop playing with yer virus

i need your full attention




Winter 2020





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