"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

amnesia is a coping skill.. *friedrich nietzsche

apparently so is holding in every feeling  you have had

since 1976  (year of  teenaged marriage  to numero uno)

the problem is:  bizarre breakout crymoans   which shall

heretofore be known as:  b to the 2nd +c 


think  being shivved

think  suckerpunch  suckers

think  racingheartmortis from  the backlog    (oh the backlog  said a loser uncle)


think  it’s my party + i’ll cry if i  fuckingwantto


don’t worry

just joshin yas



..i am not a man  i am dynamite..  

(Friedrich Nietzsche  Ecce, Destiny, 1)




** ..the ability to self numb + dissociate  can lead to abrupt alien abduction  

(a to the 3rd)  as feelings are in high demand on frozen planets..    

(AAC  psycho therapist+poet)



Spring 2020 ..hands up if u really want trump in a mask?..



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