"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

hamlet who?

soon u won’t recognize me  +that’s okay

i have always dreamed of invisibility   my

hair beet-red fuckery  134.50 every 3 wks

now covid-ombre  silver  inch by filthy inch


as 70 looms  silver season  of the witch

broomstick ready  bitch  but covid steady

decimating  texas  arizona  soon california

oh  +15,000 cases in florida   in one day


80,000  across the greatest country on earth

just yesterday   who will be left standing?  the

dishevelled bible thumper+his mail-order bride?


something is rotten  in denmark too   to be  or  

not to be  has taken on new meaning  as hamlet

lies unventilated  +shivering



Welcome to Summer 2020




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