"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

frank can kiss my princess


almost october  which is a bit like speaking gibberish to

covidears  time is meaningless now  and how  are u liking

forced zen?  beginner’s mind  becomes covidfog  becomes

i used to know a thing or 2  about the freaking monad  about

the portal   now i just scratch my grey head


seems while i slept  someone made off with my merlot red

and now when i march the boulevards  all slashmouth+growl

the denizens part   like the legs of the fatted cow   who i no

longer eat     just the sow


how  said my veghead bro  can u eat an animal  so smart it sheds

virus faster than u can shake your booty?  right now  in china  the

new+improved swine flu incubates  as i break the laws of kashrut

and for anybody listening  frank zappa is not a fan  of jewish women




Fall  5781     ..we have u in dreyerd frank..a.k.a. the styx delta..hotter than a hot rat..

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