"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

i have max baer’s thighs


and this is my max baer moment  yours too  if you u want it

aren’t we all max right now?  fighting that schmeling of a virus          (clunk?)

baer is rated #22 on the list of: 100 greatest punchers of all time


i aspire to that list  as i list about in these ronatimes  like a drunken

sailor  popeye needs rehab  +my old coviddodger mum  happens to

have popeye elbow  but not a full beard


she who is finding it difficult to give up    on being alive   my mother

will be beatified   first came kitchenheadfuck   followed closely by

stains  the real human stain  comes from dropping food onto clothing

urine in elevators  +hallways


(hey if I don’t chronicle these societal ills  who will?   you?)


then came care  in places where  non-weight bearing bathing is

on the feature sheet   now we come to the CNN years  +with her

whipsmart mind  she’ll tell u why  Trump is everyman  and if the

bubba had balls  she’d be  Max Baer  my mother



winter from hell   2021


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