"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

what would bobby mcgee do? (WWBMD)

i floated in some dark limbo of the mind,

shrunken and foetal, withdrawn into the

basic spore of myself.                       (Al Purdy)


then the door

the clankedshut  door

clanked open


real creaky+a bit creepy   too


i always wondered what i would do if the

cage door fell away   u too?  so what will

u do with your lastchance at resurrection?


what did jesus do? (WDJD)  he returned +

became a rabbit induced holiday  upon which

i was born




is that freakin Nova Scotia?!  i see a schooner

+a sailor  my life passes before me in a fugue

of whales  chowders  +seafaring men  some are

quite muscled


have i died +gone to heaven?  or is this a mirage?

u know  like when yer parched  +dying in the desert

what’s the difference?  as poor tom petty intoned

on his deathcouch  stoned+alone


my friend paolo assures me that they have jews +

homosexuals there   a deal sealer for me  and the

door she’s been open now for 2 mins 36 secs  i have

not moved  have u?


but hey


if +when  your mouth feels gritty

that’s my





Winter 2021   freedom seeking is not for sissies wimpies

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