"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


reinvention ad nauseam going on in the  zeit-o-tron

an obnoxious word for a noxious space  where an

invisible dictator of style  is strong-arming u  everyday


now algorithmically blanded  we listen to musak chosen

by HAL  (yesterday at a Mcdonald’s drive thru i said to my

bro  the chubbiest vegetarian u will ever know   hey that’s

HAL  speaking in burgerish tongues


u know  these zeit-choices  are just that   CHOICES   frivolous +prosaic

but there are   + i hate to break it to u  mostly non-choices out there

for example   when u begin to lose your teeth  yes  your TEETH


take my parents’ last dental appointments if u will   Frankensteinian

at best   neither could walk  +both carried their teeth in a  pouch

i incinerated my father’s  the day after he died   giddy with revenge


and the answer to another looming choice-point this summer?

NO  i don’t want to come to your fucking cottage  too covidshrouded

+gittered    i am no man’s fresh meat    but teeth   going fast



Spring 2021  ..Delta variant has teeth.. Globe+Mail June 4th..🔅🔅



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