"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

the 10,000 things blues

u know you’re in trouble when the 10,000 things

no longer distract u   mind u  in covid-surreality

there are only 3 or 4 things


grocery store

drug store

sometimes a patio filled with performative hipsters

long q-tips into soulholes


reptilian brains in overdrive  mass death tends to enhance

anxiety in bipeds with big heads  u naked apes  who know

uncertainty so well


u practice from the moment of exploding embryonic-fluids

u arrive in a strangeland  where the only constant  is change



cocoons are for bellyslitherers+pantsshitters   but not u

u who will yourself to courage  rise above the 10,000 fears

being afraid is the healthiest catalyst to  THE BIG MORPH


the one where u get handfuls of MORE   so be afraid  +do it

anyway  that thing the nightweasels  (the cowardly fucks)

are trying to prevent


they who thrive on shit scared   tonight sucker punch the beasts

+watch your lined face transform  into the new-form   waiting to

launch u


huddle in fear behind the couch  or collaborate with Mrs. Reaper

before your crêpey arms grow a few more skin tags




Summer 2021   ..endure dammit  endure..

(God forbid u should have some fun  ..Maimonides 1204 AD)





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