"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

put a tiger in yer tank

the nova scotia tea ceremony  where countless sailors

spurned in your dreams  sit zazen  +encourage u to cut

ties with ancient aficionados


the ones who left u unprepared for the mind/body

tarantella  mind trapped in body  body trapped in mind

The Fall was not fortunate at all


under the fig leaves  residual animal echoes   u leap over

tall buildings to find the savanahland crux  (cruchs in yiddish)

u are NOT a man  u are a manimal   🐯🐯


u shit 20 feet from where u sleep

except there are tiles


FALL  2021

..the more i see of some people the better i like my dog..

(Lee Atkins Purdon Dr. circa 1965)


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