"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

it’s a bird! it’s an angel! it’s mummybird!

last week at this time  mother is still alive

about to begin her deep dive   her wings

unbound  +blue   i knew early on that my

parents  were birds


all their chirping at us  +at each other  a dead giveaway!


i named them accordingly   mummybird +

daddybird   not terribly original  but hey  my father

named our black dog    blackie


i come by it honestly


her last day was her bravest  incensed she was

dying    what’s this!   she felt quite strongly  that

being 98   was not a good enough reason


she lay for 15 hrs  fluttering   a breathing virtuoso

it was birdflu that took her  not the covidsucker

she’d pummelled like Ali


mother floundered in the wee hrs of November 14

her last  breath  at 3   old queen  about to lose

the face that launched a thousand ships


I scooped the things I’d coveted  gifts bought by me

no matter what you gave her  pure ecstacy   mum Its

the blue dinosaur from daddy’s grave!     


One thing I took was a mirror  bought 2 weeks prior

And in those 2 weeks she’d gaze   pensively   mirror mirror

on the wall     is that a beak?


..and it is plausible to believe that only those who can look death

squarely in the face.. can really live a meaningful life..

(Rosemary Gordon  Dying+Creating  1978)



Fall 2022  ..she rises she rises! RIP little Mummybird..



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One thought on “it’s a bird! it’s an angel! it’s mummybird!

  1. Sweet poem dear. Beautiful and peaceful.


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