"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

i’ll know her hands anywhere

Hamlet will always have to say the lines written

for Hamlet (James Hollis From Misery to Meaning)

do you know the author of your lines?


or have u realized that your lines are written by

suffering a life  by ecstasy  by moving toward death

with aplomb


my mother did   everyday  make-up on  orange lips

pearl hair-clip   bejewelled hands like buttah   i miss

her hands


the one bent finger  where my own begins to slant

we held hands every Tuesday  +sang Stevie Wonder

until Tuesdays ran out


her hands by her sides began to rigor  misshapen

curling into deathgrip  skin still so soft  +birdclaw

things of great beauty


did you know that you can change the script? at any time

you can jump ship  go to a dengue ridden rainforest in

in Grenada!


cavort with thick fingered cartel members in Mexico  GO!

or you can swing your chains above your head   just be

careful  someone doesn’t lose an eye



Fall 2022  ..sit complacent by that fork in the road ..or just stick a fork in it poet..

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