"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


do u have someone throwing fairydust on

your head  everysingleday?  i do!  it’s my

mother  who recently fasttracked it  to heaven


Covidwasted  RSV sated  oh she fought valiantly

but finally  her magic umbrella beckoned   +we

watched her ascend   with the sun


she took me to see  Mary Poppins  at 10   i was

mesmerized   so was she   i kept asking her:

Mum  are they singing in real life? 


she didn’t know what to make of me  she worried

about my uberanalyzing  everything  you have too

much education for your own good!


her’s was folkwisdom  much like Mary P’s  +she was

ALWAYS  right   don’t carry money in your hand  you’ll 

lose it   fiver gone on TTC  at 11  damn fortune back then


+ much later  on my 40th   open your fist  +really look

at what you have  maybe you will appreciate it  MORE

Bravo Motherpoppins!





Winter 2022  .. now what? ..


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