"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

waiiiillllllll of a tale

your primal grief  like the wail of a dying  girlimal





lays in wait  under the chaise  your mother’s

bestie  had one  Laurice  in her smallmansion

purchased with their  fruit+vegstand  millions


she wore Courregés  in orange  matched her

cutlassconvertible  kitten heels  gravelcough

1st casualty  of the  BIG C  among the ladies


mum next  but survived  the terror  sans much of

her chest   the wail is all animal  visceral  +moanad

ecstatic-confession  regression  to womb


primal scream of newbie  doesn’t know shit

about embodiment  consciousness  +woe   yet

still in the momentsublime   orgasmissimo bellissimo!




..i was making the sound of primal fear, like the ones

animals make before they die..this noise is only heard

by the thing that kills them..(Rickie Lee Jones 2021)

Curacao 2023

..we bought mum babyblue🦋Courregés

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