"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

then yer dead



uzi to grief

fortunate fall


cura of scurviedsailors  cura of the motherlode

i saw people oooze out of  stigmata-knee   an

uncle crawling   a cousin slackjaw +fishface


why lug the past around??  who knew what

was uncle festering  in my knee?   burdens

released   on Çuracao street


as a  BIG blackgoddess  in 7 inch stilettos  all

shock+awe  pranced by  Rise up cranky poet!

do they have to bash u over the head  girl? 

yer  FREE


..but only if u wanna be..

Çuracoa 2023 …over…+freedom tastes like reality…

(+costs 6 grand a week)



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