"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

i need a fix

reading about the latest “limited edition” invention

from my local potshop  i mused on how pot=soma=

religion=the opiate of the lemming   and it does


because  life kicks u in the balls  a lot   inbetween  life

is  the most underrated game in town   fragile +mind

blowing    most precious during one’s last breath


we want to let u in on the secret  a sensory explosion 

with a lingering soulerruptus  (says my potshop)  uh huh

so you’ll drive right into a gaggle  of toddlers


unclench your vegetativestate  +drop your blissbongs for

a sec   while i extoll the benefits   of meditation 😴:

it’s about those atomsplitting milliseconds


when u enter the membrane of the mystery  all cosmicorgasmic

(i give u cosmic orgasm)  said a filthy Argentinian boy at Esalen

circa 1987   with a green film on his teeth  +flaming red dreads


he did not       meditation does  


John Lennon too  a seeker   about the Maharishi he said: i thought

he might slip me the answer   tragically he found a holiergrail  on the

pavement  outside the Dakota  on December 8, 1980


Spring 2023  ..looking for the water from a deeper well.. (Emmy Lou Harris)




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