"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Rejoice in the blessing of not knowing

my Horoscope said   Buddhist rhetoric ?

Astrological trickery ?


Do they mean:  like my little client   who

both  knew  and did  not know  about            cockroaches

..they only come out when the lights             GO ON


Can revelation be overrated ?

After all  what does it produce but a fresh

and piercing piece     of knowing


This seems circular   or is it square?     a box  within a box   within


What difference would it have made

to her future had I told her:   Cockroaches come out when the lights     GO OFF

For she knew more about the

gunmetal beasts  than I



Spring  2013

* ..What I told her:   Open your fist  or you will probably use it for punching

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