"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



He is lying in a hospital bed now  a  19 yr. old  jihadi ?

Teaches swimming   at Harvard   Brother a flamboyant

boxer  *(I have one too)      Dzhokhar   worshipped him


Ran him over   with his car during the standoff

last week   Grenades (bought online)  bullets

flying through the MIT night    27 yr. old cop

dead     Brother crushed   not a militant anymore


Now Dzhokhar is nodding and bleeding as CIA

agents decipher motive   And the papers say that:

This should send a message to other terrorists.     JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED


Which is of course    paradoxical

They are serving  (jihadi) justice    & dying

for the  Cause    is instant martyrdom    Your        PETIT-JUSTICE

is meaningless to radical militants      on streets, and trains, and planes,     and boats



Spring 2013   *Radicalization on the net is the #1 homegrown threat to civilization

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