"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



The  walking dead   the walking wounded

Night of the   living dead    Nights these    days

so redolent with  awake   Can’t possibly

be ready for the  wake ?   Read the clearest

tale of a man’s  lastday    Mugged in Brixton

punch  in side   is a knife    glint    too late     Girl in yellow dress jumps onto the bus


He knows what’s been done   but like  Anna K.

he cannot rise up   the  slow train  is upon him

Walt says:  Has anyone supposed it lucky           to be born ?

It is just as lucky to die


Bird against window  legs twitch  then stop

mid twitch   plump    slash of yellow between

eyes      Father says:  Let’s go –   and boards

the  slow train     In Mexico picnics  on graves


O Walt   who need fear   the merge ?  

Not contained between my hat and boots  

I come again    and again



May His great name be exalted and sanctified

..And he will resuscitate the dead and

raise them up to eternal life..      Mourners Kaddish Prayer


Spring  2013   Songanddancegirl     Zadie Smith     Walt Whitman

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