"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Dropped you off on a clear winter

morn   No one knew that you were

alone    on the porch until 5    Xmas

presents now with frost   tears frozen

around nose & chin   Will you ever see          her again ?


She calls you   loverboy    Now  abandoned        boy

Rage filling veins   future angina   motherhater

Who might have saved you ?


We sew a           crooked heart for  Mother’s Day

You trash the room    and threaten to slash me

with Captain Hook’s     hook    But there are no   theory

books  or maps    for heading into this territory                     



I was a lostboy that was found
Drowning underwater
I was a lost toy now I’m found
You patched me back together
Sewing up the leather on my arms
On my arms        (The Subways)


Spring  2013

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