"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



After his moonwalk   Buzz spoke about

the  melancholy of things done   Then he

sold Cadillacs   battled depression    &        alcoholism


Maybe it all began with Buzz  and the race

for space    Treadmarks on earth’s ghostly

twin    Time sped up    Now we’re 13 yrs.       into   the new millennium


There is still Good & Evil  but it’s getting

harder  to tell them apart       Mayor  masquerades

as magistrate    Prime Minister   morphs into fraudster ?


Perhaps he will soon sell Dodges


I maintain that it all started with      the Moon

more desolation

more fervour

more doom



I don’t think I’m going to feel the way that Buzz did

*Chris Hadfield   Canada’s Bowie


Spring  2013

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One thought on “PLANET EARTH

  1. Martin Atkins on said:

    Chris Lightyear? But I forgot what he used to say! Something and beyond. And so the earth is blue:-)

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