"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Last night I was haunted by my

dead cousin     3 yrs. ago today

I stood at the bed where she lay        ravaged by lung cancer


I just stopped smoking yesterday

she said  through terror stricken gasps

I looked behind the bed  and found the plug       un- plugged 


There was little oxygen flowing at St. Joe’s     that day


I heard her beg for her life

But the doctor was contrite:

There’s tumor  everywhere  


He tried to let her down gently:

I’ll see if I can free the lung   the

one   that has not  collapsed


But alas she was dead before the

setting sun cast  a long shadow


Strange how we hadn’t seen each

other in 30 yrs.   And there I was

gazing at her   blue feet & grey tears



Spring  2010

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