"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



A lot of spills lately   Beet juice

cascades down my legs  looks like

vampires lunched   Peach purse       now  to die for  ruby


Paul Newman Caesar  smashes

in aisle 8   I walk slowly away  as       oil slick

stains   beige patent leather


But she is near perfect  old lace scarf

haphazardly placed   Perfect diamonds       perfect face

Peachy   sprinkled with pale freckles           fuchsia lip


Lipstick stays in place as               baguette dismembered


Young husband  bland as can be

When she drops something  she

does it   oh so carefully


But her voice  rough around the edges            screams    G.F.E.

And it finally dawns on me   that freebies      maybe      overrated


*G.F.E.  girlfriend experience 

a form of prostitution includes 

french kissinghugging, talking, and

eating a meal together


Spring   2013

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