"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Her name was Lemon  and she was

a giantess   at least as big as her piano

With a name like that  why on earth

would  she  call  me    sourpuss?  


Later     much later   I learned this was

a   projection    For underneath mounds

of  sunny-funny  kindergarten teacher  lay

a cruel and sour  dictator


While I was     dignified    quiet    and 5


She said if I’d only smile  (a lot)  she would

call me  smiley    I just wasn’t sure that I could

So   I traded my Elmer toy  for absolution         (he now sat on her piano)


Miss Lemon sang with an open mouth

a huge   round   orifice   where I feared

Elmer   and perhaps a few of us might       disappear


I had no choice but to swipe him back

and smile a cheshire grin    Lemon  O Lemon

you taught me well     to fear pianos    & hate school


But later   much later  when my 5 yr. old client

complained: The teacher treats me like a donkey

I accepted her disdain   and taught her that :


Power tends to corrupt  and absolute power    corrupts absolutely*   


But mostly I taught her that  no donkey

was she     and nor would she   ever be



*Lord Acton


Spring  2013

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