"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



2  women beside me   talk  art  movies

books & jeans      (they fit like fucking sausages)

Their banter is manic   performing for the plebes

Louder still   with shrill laughter


While the park at our feet is emerald   wet   fragrant          ! QUIET PLEASE

How long do you think this will last?  The solstice is

near past   and that giant yellow moon will soon  appear


Now they talk about dead acquaintances  whose ailments

were  poo-pooed     I either need a tranquilizer  or an Uzi

One will obliterate   the need for    the other     He’s husky  not fat   Is Michael husky?


I pass into a netherworld now  where neither lush park

nor    yellow moon can reach me    and winter cannot

arrive  too soon    Frozen empty streets   de-nuded of

smart repartee     on languid afternoons



*(note to self:  stop saying –  fucking    bullshit      and baby) 


Spring 3013

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