"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



It’s crazy  blue    deep river blue

without clouds   goes on forever     in every direction

Hovers over Bangladesh where

1,003 crushed    beneath floors      added haphazardly


Globalization was supposed to be

the great  equalizer         Don’t abandon them now

the papers read   Can it be  that a

3 yr. old child knows 100 brands

but cannot call a plant by name


While  freegans  bodydive in dumpsters

& share communal meals   Scavenging

is benighted  Consuming is for the blighted

And in the West everyone lies to their therapist



“Skies are blue inside of you   The weather’s always fine

Everybody’s happy now  Yes everybody’s happy now”

Aldous Huxley    Brave New World  1932


Spring  2013

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