"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I know that I go   on   about this   But you

gotta love your hipsters    Ted Hughes said

that all poets have their  obsessional knots

and hipsters are one of mine   Daniel Bergner      (What Do Women Want?)  

(what have you got?)   calls his Brooklyn street:    hipster-ridden


My hipsters are repeatedly & relentlessly

goddamned beautiful    Take the young

Bardot lookalike across from me     Open

bleeding cuts on her feet    De rigueur  bare      in cobalt deck shoes


Skinnyjeans skinnyjacket  hair dirty-rooty       platinum

She fondles her bon bons lovingly ($24/doz)

Pale yellow  minty green   I imagine that when

very young  she was already crying over     humanity



Spring  2013

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