"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Victor & Rolf of Amsterdam  made  20

beastly dolls   Human hair & porcelain

skin     Walking mini-zombies


The tiny blonde & blue-eyed girl  stomps

upon my foot   Her mother buys her candy      Open my lolly   now !

I know she is    alive    doll eyes   all aglow


On CNN last night they asked: Do you

think the photos of the Sandyhook  20

splayed out on their gymnasium floor

will further   gun control legislation ?


Somehow there is a connection  between

the macabre taxidermic trolls    and the

bullet-ridden children    Others will have

a more benevolent take     no doubt  –



And I have made an image of the monster here

The noise of war in its head  a babe laugh in its belly    

Allen Ginsberg Lysergic Acid   1959



Spring 2013    Victor&Rolf  Dolls    Luminato Festival    ROM


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One thought on “CHILDHOOD

  1. Martin Atkins on said:

    Remember that art imitates life, for better or worse! It is still man’s inhumanity to man that I won’t accept.

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