"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



There are 3 bright red tents   in the park today

Looks like that caravan   pre-hurricane   where

the sham-wizard lived  seducing pretty runaways


I read in the paper today  that an artist will take you

into the red yurts at midnight   You will don a lab coat

and have a 2 hr. experience  (like no other)   You will

never be the same       All for 25 bucks


I have a suggestion:   Leave your house   You do not

need to erase your tracks    You will never find this

self  again      It will never  be the same        (oh & keep your bucks)


This is a simple exercise  I did not invent it    You may

even find God    And if you do not      listen to the Count’s

April in Paris        and wait –



Ralph Waldo Emerson



Spring  2013

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